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personal training and nutrition

Enjoy better health and vitality through personal training and nutrition, guided by a dually qualified certified professional.

This can be the year that changes your life. You can choose to be healthier. Learn how to set achievable health goals and not just reach those goals but hit them out of the park. The road to better health is paved by making small constant changes, and like money in the bank they add up to big returns. Build a solid foundation for your health, make that a priority, and watch the rest fall into place.

Everyone has a reason to want to be healthier. Have you ever wanted:

  • increased energy and metabolism
  • better weight management
  • stronger, shapely muscles with less body fat
  • feel younger, sharper, more vibrant

MMeal Planning

At Buffalo Wellness, we're not about short-term fixes, we're about life-changing wellness management. Learn how to create a sustainable low carb lifestyle using nutritious whole foods. Discover how much fun exercise can be. Tap into the tools you need to help you create a healthier lifestyle. It's all up to you, let's get started!

"In this age of "there's an App for that" it can be tempting to just subscribe to virtual workouts and meal plans. Handy for folks trying to juggle work and home-life and kids and health. I get that. For those days that are extra busy, you can just not open the App. It's only today, or maybe a couple days. Then it becomes "this week has been hell, I'll just start over next week." Sound familiar?

That "one-size-fits-all" approach doesn't always fit YOU. The virtual world can't truly meet you where you are and appreciate all the nuances of you and your life. When you meet with me, you're connecting with a real person. Let's work together to overcome challenges standing between you and better health. Give me a call. Let's get you started."

- Tammy Mc Donald, CNP, CPT, NNCP

Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners

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