MMeal Planning

Personalized Meal Plans

Meal plans by the week, balanced with your unique nutritional needs and food preferences in mind. Our meal plan services vary in nature depending on a client's needs and preferences, and may be purchased independently or as an add-on to other packages and services. Learn more here.

Non-Custom Plans

Coming soon, downloadable meal plans for general use. Good for busy folk who don't have much time for healthy meal planning, or just need some new inspiration. Most of our plans and recipes are geared towards nutrient dense whole foods and lower carb living. Check often for new additions!

Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition consulting and planning for better health and weight management

Nutrition consulting and planning for better health and weight management. An holistic approach to health takes into consideration your whole person, lifestyle and unique attributes. Consultations are done via Zoom or Facetime, so we can stay in touch wherever you may be. Clients are invited to our Practice Better platform where you can set up and manage your profile and services via computer as well as with the convenient App.

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, so a balance of both is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Both nutrition and personal training services are available to our clients as independent services or as part of some wellness packages.

60 minute consulting sessions

Included in the follow up sessions of our wellness packages, but you may also purchased them separately.

30 minute consulting sessions

Perfect for maintenance sessions and goal checking. They also make great gift ideas for friends and family.

Free Discovery Session

Enjoy your first 15 minute consult free! Discover how our services can best fit your current health needs as we work with you on your wellness journey.

Nutritional Assessments

Body Aware Symptom Screen

Discover what your body may be telling you. Our wellness packages include a series of questionnaires and symptom checks that help to identify nutrition and lifestyle factors that may be impacting your health. Select the wellness package that's right for you, such as Body Aware, our most popular and in-depth analysis. Step Back to Wellness is a great starter point for those just beginning their wellness journey.

From Store to Pantry

Want to eat healthier but don't know where to start? Book a Guided Shopping Tour! We can assist you in exploring your local grocer to find healthier foods, understanding food labels, and more. We can also help with a Pantry Cleanse to say goodbye to foods that no longer fit into your healthier lifestyle goals.


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