7 Days Low Carb for Small Budgets

Tammy Mc Donald, CNP, CPT, NNCP  |  Digital PDF

Enjoying healthy, low-carb meals doesn't have to be expensive. And healthy, low-carb meals on a budget don't have to be boring!

This series of "Low Carb for Small Budget" menu plans are designed to be tasty and filling, with easy-to-follow recipes and simple budget-friendly ingredients. They're perfect for college students, seniors, and everyday folks with busy lifestyles. It gives you seven full days of nutritious meals that are easy to prepare.

Incorporating whole foods, low carb, and a two meal a day design is not only budget-friendly, but also provides a fasting window of 14-hours or more, which helps you reap some additional health benefits as well.

Nutrition breakdowns and shopping lists are provided too, as well as complete meal plan notes and tips.

This is the first meal plan in the series and is a good introduction to low carb living. Download it today and give low carb living a try. Check back for new meal plans coming soon!