Reading for Health – Today’s Choice

Reading for Health - Today's Choice

Now that we survived Monday, let's head into the week with some great reading (or listening if you prefer audiobooks).

I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Dr Joan Rosenberg speak at CHNC2022 in May. Such wonderful insights this woman has. One of the more well attended speaker sessions, and left many in tears. In a good way.

The connection between our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical states has long been known. An imbalance in any one can lead to a slow erosion of all.

In this book, Dr. Joan Rosenberg addresses the inability to experience, move through, and handle unpleasant feelings, and shares how to deal with them to build confidence, emotional strength, and resilience. She teaches readers to be aware, consciously lean into, and balance the 8 unpleasant emotions.

"90 Seconds to a Life You Love" - a strategic and practical guide on building core emotional strength, reducing anxiety, and developing the confidence you need to create a life of your design -- a life you love.

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